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Smart Choice Financing


Our Smart Choice Financing provides vehicle financing that offers you a viable option to leasing and a lower monthly payment than you would normally get with conventional financing. In fact, while similar in concept to leasing, the Smart Choice Financing overcomes many disadvantage of a typical leasing program. Some consumers prefer the Smart Choice Financing because the financing allows them to buy a new vehicle every two or three years. Most people today are payment driven. The Smart Choice Financing can put you in the car you want with no money down at a payment you can afford while minimizing the risk of negative equity.

How it works…

Based on the term of the loan (number of years financed), a residual value is established using industry approved guidelines, similar to leasing. The difference between what you pay for the vehicle and the residual value is used to determine the principal portion of your payment, which results in a lower monthly payment than conventional financing. New and used, (1-5 years old), model cars, vans and light trucks qualify for Smart Choice Financing. At the end of your loan, you have the option to:

  • Sell the vehicle and payoff the residual value
  • Use the vehicle as a trade-in, and the residual value is paid as part of the transaction
  • Keep the vehicle and refinance the residual value as a used vehicle loan
  • Return the vehicle at loan maturity, additional fees may apply

Your payments will be lower than most conventional financing

Below is an example of how Smart Choice Financing can offer you a lower monthly payment. The example is based on a new vehicle, assuming a loan amount of $36,000 for 36 months with a residual value amount of $14,475.

  Conventional Loan Smart Choice Financing
Loan Amount $36,000.00 $36,000.00
Number of Monthly Payments 36 36*
Amount of Monthly Payment $1,064.73 $726.05
Amount of Final Payment $0.00 $14,475.00
Processing Fee $91.00 $395.00
APR 4.12% 5.09%
Guaranteed Future Value of Vehicle   $14,475.00
Smart Choice Saves You Per Month   $338.68

*There will be 35 payments of $726.05 and a final payment of $14,475.00.

Interested in learning more for yourself? Click here to access the Smart Choice financing calculator. 

Benefits over leasing

In addition to a lower monthly payment than conventional financing, the Smart Choice Financing offers you the option to buy, trade or sell the vehicle during the term of the loan, or you may elect to return the vehicle at the end of the loan.

  • You own the vehicle first and foremost
  • No down payment or security deposit
  • Ability to upgrade the kind of vehicle you drive
  • No first or last payment required up front
  • Great flexibility
    - sell or trade
    - refinance residual value
    - return vehicle at loan maturity
  • No early payoff penalty
  • Local return options
  • Private auto insurance flexibility
  • Realistic residual value

The above example is for illustration purposes only. Rates and terms are subject to change. For an exact payment on a vehicle you are considering, call the credit union. *The final payment is the residual value amount of $14,475.00. You have four options to satisfy the payment: 1) Pay the residual amount and retain the vehicle; 2) Sell the vehicle, pay the residual amount and keep the difference; 3) Trade the vehicle and the residual amount will be satisfied as part of the transaction; or 4) Return the vehicle. If you elect to return the vehicle the following obligations remain: 1) All original equipment that came with the vehicle when you purchased it must still be with the vehicle; 2) if you exceed the loan mileage allowance, the excess mileage fee is $.10 per mile; and 3) The condition of the vehicle when returned must be in accordance with the Loan Addendum which is provided to you at the time of loan disbursement. When you return the vehicle in accordance with the Loan Addendum, the residual amount is considered to have been fully satisfied and the loan is closed. Must be a Trius Federal Credit Union member to qualify for the account. Go to or call us at 888-838-5328 for membership details. All loans subject to credit approval. Rates, terms and conditions are based on credit worthiness, qualifications, and collateral conditions. Other restrictions may apply.

Note: The above monthly payment includes the cost for residual value protection that gives you the right to return the vehicle at loan termination date and protects you against any decline in the projected residual amount.

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